Is Carlo Ancelotti the Answer for Bayern Munich’s Holy Grail?

With Bayern Munich celebrating their fourth consecutive Bundesliga title, one has to wonder whether the overall campaign was a success. When the German Giants acquired Pep Guardiola from Barcelona, they were not just looking for a league crown. Instead, Bayern Munich was looking for Pep to replicate everything he had done with the Barcelona squad, mainly the two UEFA Champions League trophies and a fundamental contribution to the German football history. But alas, the most sought out coach in modern day football came short and was once again questioned by the critics and peers within the football community. As much as we can complain and whine at the unfavorable results of the 2016 quarterfinals, there is still hope within the German Giants future. That hope is Carlo Ancelotti.



The Italian veteran player and coach, Carlo Ancelotti, has built quite a resume under his name. Like Pep Guardiola, Jupp Heynckes, Jose Mourinho, and Sir Alex Ferguson, Carlo Ancelotti was able to achieve countless silverware in various leagues and eventually associate his name with success. But what makes him so suited for victory is his previous experience with working under some of the most success-hungry owners in world football—Silvio Berlusconi, Roman Abramovich, Nasser Al-Khelaifi. While it is always an honor to be called upon by the biggest clubs in the world, there is also the challenge and unrealistic expectations that need to be handled and achieved if you want to be respected within that club. For many of these situations, Ancelotti’s confident and well-tempered demeanor allowed him to take the reigns of some of the tensest locker rooms and eased them into success. In fact his managerial style and calm and collective attitude allowed him to win three UEFA Champions League titles, one of which was La Decima with Real Madrid.

Now while some people can criticize the blemishes within his career, like getting sacked from Real Madrid only one year after winning the Champions League crown, we also have to look at the situation. Clubs like not just looking for one-time success. Rather, they are looking for countless titles and true football glory. Similar to those big clubs, Bayern Munich had high expectations for Pep Guardiola to bring the European crown back to the German side. But after three years of only reaching the quarterfinals, the idea for changes is absolutely necessary.

With Carlo Ancelotti, I am hoping he can revitalize the magic within Bayern Munich. With some of the best players in the world, it is hard not to see this side reign supreme within Europe once again. All we can do now is watch, wait, and see what the Italian maestro can do for us.


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Bjorn Koch is a businessman, world traveler, lover of fine dining and soccer fanatic. Born in Germany, where he fell in love with Bayern Munich, Bjorn currently resides in Boston, MA.