For Bayern Munich To Be Successful, Guardiola Will Need To Manage Egos

Bjorn KochBayern Munich has been dominate this season. The currently hold a 5 point lead over second place Dortmund in the Bundesliga standings. Bayern is considered by many as the most in-form club in European football at the moment.

As the head into the international break, however, the auspicious squad appears to have their fair share of obstacles to overcome if they wish to finish the season as strong as it began.

Two of the club’s biggest superstars, Robert Lewandowski and Arjen Robben, apparently had a row during the Bavarians’ recent 4-0 win over Stuttgart. Stephan Uersfeld reported that “it is no secret in the team that Lewandowski and Robben avoid each other in the dressing room.”

The tension appears to stem from Lewandowski’s complaints that Robben opted not to pass to him on multiple occasions in the second half. He refused to comment to the press but was visibly frustrated during the game.

Robben added more fuel to the fire when he stated: “There were a few situations in the first half where he could have passed the ball too.”

This is not the first time that Bayern Munich has faced internal controversy between two star players. The team was coined “FC Hollywood” during the 1990s, when Jurgen Klinsmann and Lothar Matthaus made news for outrageous comments. During this time, the club was in a dark period in history in terms of performance, and there seemed to always be a scandal about their players in the papers.

Pep Guardiola will now have to handle the latest controversy to plague “FC Hollywood.” As Clark Whitney contends, the key for Guardiola is to address the issue, and then draw a line in the sand and make it clear that any violations will be punished.”

Given Bayern’s current form, it is important for Guardiola to not let these problems fester. Bayern is poised to win their third consecutive Bundesliga title, and each player is looking to prove they are the definitive hero of the side that wins every title possible. However, the desire for individual glory could very well lead to failure for the entire team.

At the end of the day, individualism just isn’t a reliable way to win titles. Team effort is. For Bayern Munich to be successful, Lewandowski and Robben will need to learn how to share the glory. If the star players do not, they will find likely find themselves sharing the responsibility for defeat. Hopefully, Guardiola will prove successful in his abilities to guide these players along the way.

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Bjorn Koch is a businessman, world traveler, lover of fine dining and soccer fanatic. Born in Germany, where he fell in love with Bayern Munich, Bjorn currently resides in Boston, MA.