David Alaba Is A Key Factor In Bayern Munich’s Future

A27_David_Alaba_2982No matter where David Alaba has lined up this season, he has been phenomenal. Although he has primarily operated as a center-back this season, he has also spent a great deal of time in his short career at left-back and even some time at central midfield.

Alaba’s professional career began in the spring of 2010, as a substitute midfielder. He made three starts before the season concluded, all at left-back. Van Gaal famously said that season (via Marca): “He isn’t good, he’s very good. Alaba is a left-back, although he doesn’t know it yet.”

He had an unfortunate setback in his development later in 2010; an ankle injury kept him off the field for the first half of the season. In January of 2011, he was loaned to Hoffenheim, where he developed significantly as a midfielder. His stint with Hoffenheim was short, returning to Bayern in the summer of 2011. Alaba established himself as a starter at left-back late in the 2011-12 season.

People began to notice just how special David Alaba was during the Champion’s League semi-finals. He proved to be a rock for the Bayern squad, standing up to the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Angel Di Maria with confidence. When the game went to a shootout, Alaba took the first spot-kick, and of course converted. Understanding Alaba’s past, helps you understand the fundamentals that have helped him become so special.

Truly elite full-backs are a rarity in the modern game, and Alaba is probably the world’s best player on either side of defense. He has great size, has a remarkable skill set, and is incredible athletic. This combination has allowed him to be an extremely versatile threat. But it might just be his mentality that truly makes him so great.

As he approaches his 24th birthday, Alaba has two years left on his contract with Bayern Munich. After successfully signing Thomas Muller and Jerome Boateng, among others, to extensions in December, all eyes are on David Alaba. He is a special talent that Bayern Munich simply cannot replace.

Information courtesy of Bleacher Report.


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