Bayern Munich Continues To Dominate

Bjorn KochBayern Munich has dominated the Bundesliga table so far this season. They have rattled off eight straight wins with a staggering 28 goals scored and only four goals conceded. This is the best start to a season in the league’s history at this stage.

After a commanding win over the second place team, Borussia Dortmund, by a score of 5-1, Bayern Munich now holds a seven-point lead in the group. Last season’s runners-up, Wolfsburg, was handed a similar defeat two weeks prior.

Pep Guardiola’s squad is looking to win an unprecedented fourth consecutive title. Bayern Munich has won the Bundesliga by 10, 19 and 25 points respectively over the last three season.

Munich has asserted itself as the clear favorite yet again. The team’s performances thus far have many now wondering if anyone in the league will even be a threat. Dortmund coach Thomas Tuchel echoed these sentiments after the game, when asked if Bayern Munich has serious rivals in Germany, he replied, “No, of course not.”

On paper, Dortmund may be the closest team resembling a rival, as they currently have 17 points. They are also the last team to deny Bayern Munich a Bundesliga title, back in 2012.

There is good reason to be positive about the start of the season, but Guardiola wants everyone to remember that there is still a lot of soccer to be played. “We have a lot of matches ahead of us and we’re only in October,” Guardiola stated. “Anyone who thinks it’s over will have big problems with the coach,” said Guardiola. “Everyone has to give their all, if they don’t, there is someone who will be waiting to take their place.”

Robert Lewandowski, who has already scored 12 times in seven league games, parallel these statements. “It doesn’t matter how many points ahead we are, we need to keep working hard.”

Bayern Munich’s hot start has other teams within Europe taking notice as well. According to Bayern Munich chief executive Karly-Heinz Rummenigge, Manchester United has continually contacted him about Thomas Mueller.

Rummenigge made it clear, however, that he had no interest in letting Muller go, no matter the price. “He’ll stay – no matter what is offered. There is no price I would even start considering it.”

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Bjorn Koch is a businessman, world traveler, lover of fine dining and soccer fanatic. Born in Germany, where he fell in love with Bayern Munich, Bjorn currently resides in Boston, MA.